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Now you can easily take classes on zoom or skype. Some advantages of skype are as follows:-

  • Easy to learn Quran online
  • Flexible timing 
  • Easy for female 
  • Money-saving
  • Develop interest for students 
  • Learn Islamic courses
  • Audio-video call
  • Screen sharing Easy to download and use 
  • Easy to download and use: 

              You can easily download skype or zoom apps through the play store or google on any device. Add your skype Id and use it easily at any location. Easy to learn the Quran online through skype. Through skype students and teachers easily discussed each and everything about the course like as discussed in a physical class.

  • Easy to learn Quran online: 

             You can easily learn the Quran online through Skype or zoom. Nowadays people who have busy schedules can’t send their children to the masjid to easily learn the Quran at home. It is the best way for kids to learn the Quran from home.

  • Flexible Timing:

            You can set your own timing when you are available to take class easily. Most Quran academies are available 24/7 hours. The main advantage of Online Quran learning is that it suits every person whether they are children or adults. When they are free from their job or school they can easily take classes on skype.

  • Money-saving: 

           By taking classes on skype you can easily save your money. The best thing is that skype is free for everyone. Students and teachers don’t need to meet up. They can easily take classes on skype and learn more things on skype from home. You don’t need to go anywhere, you can easily take a class from home. 

Children also want to take classes comfort zones so through skype they take interest in online classes. 

  • Develop interest for students:

           You can develop an interest in your child by taking classes on skype. 

  • Learn Islamic courses: 

            You can easily learn different Islamic courses through skype. Like Noorani Qaida, learn Quran online, Quran Tafseer, learn Quran with tajweed, Hifz ul Quran or memorization of Quran, Etc. Other Islamic courses are also available on different websites that you can easily learn from home.

  •  Audio and video call:

             The best advantage of skype you can place is audio and video call from where you Want. You can call multiple communicators at a time. Skype has launched the best video call services.

  •  Screen sharing: 

            At skype you can easily share your screen with other communicators. The teacher shares their screen with students from where he teaches his topic to them. Tutors can also take classes for only one student or more as per student requirements.

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