Easiest Way to Learn Quran:

Quran Majeed is the last book of Allah, revealed by the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). the Holy book is in the Arabic language so, it is difficult for the Muslims who are non-Arabs to recite and learn it easily. But if someone has a proper intention to learn Quran there are a few key points through which Quran can be learned properly and within a few days, they will become experts in Quran learning. 

    Here are some key methods to follow in the learning Quran in the easiest way:

The Grip on the Arabic:

                                                  If one has a strong grip on the Arabic language, he/ she can easily learn Quran. The grip on the language means reciting Arabic easily and understanding the meaning of the language. Those born Arabs do not feel much difficulty in learning the Quran and reciting it.

Pronunciation Improvement:

                                                           There are different pronouncing origins of words in Quranic Arabic known as Makharij. Some are pronounced from the lips, some are from the vocal, and others location from the mouth. So, these pronunciations must be accurately kept in mind to learn the Quran easily.

Read Everyday:

                                    It will be best for learning Quran to read on the daily basis. Make a schedule to read the Quran, set a timetable for every day, and read the Holy book on that schedule daily two or three times, either a single verse, a Ruku, or even a single page. Made it routine.

Try Listening To Quran:

                                                 There are various Quranic audio applications as well as different youtube channels which are providing the recitation of the Holy Quran, or there are local persons which are fluent in the recitation of the Quran Majeed, Contact them and listen to the Quran with proper tajweed rules so the learning of Quran can be better. Make time from the daily routine and listen Quran respectfully. 

Memorize in a Quiet Room:

                                                            To learn Quran properly it will be best to have a quiet environment with less noise or no noise. The disturbance can divert the concentration which will cause disturbance in learning Quran. So, for effective learning, it will be better to recite or learn the Quran in a quiet room. 

Revise, Revise, Revise:

                                                 There is a famous quote “Practice makes a man perfect”. The same will be applied in the recitation of the Holy Quran. The number of times one revised that much they will become fluent and good at learning. This method is much important in the easiest learning of the Quran and can be memorized easily.      

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