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We Provide the best online Quran learning services. For this purpose we hired the best Quranic Scholars who have good command over English Language to overcome the language barrier to teach your child in efficient way.

Noorani Qaida

The children need to read the Quran for a better understanding of Islam and the Holy book. The alphabetic learning is the easiest method for them to learn the Quran. They will be able to pronounce the holy Quran with ease after mastering these simple lessons of Noorani Qaida. The alphabetic learning is not only for children, it will also be beneficial for adults.

Nazra tul quran

In this course, you will be taught how to read the quran in Arabic. You will learn the basic tajweed and the basic riyaaat (verses). It includes a step-by-step guidance that explains the different words in Arabic and their Pronunciation . Here, you can learn everything you need to know to read the Quran. We have all of the basics, including how to read Arabic, how to memorize, how to pray and much more.

Hifz ul quran

It focuses on different methods of recitation of the Qur’an, how to memorize verses of the Qur’an, how to learn to remember the ayahs and verses of the Qur’an, and how to prepare to deliver the Qur’an. Learn how to memorize the holy Qur’an in a systematic way that will help you memorize it faster. Our teachers follow the best and easy methodology that will help your child to memorize in easy and affective way.

Arabic language

This course is the most advanced and easy way to learn the Arabic language. Our Arabic language course covers each and every aspect. After this course one can easily speak basic Arabic language and understand Quran in arabic language. We recommed every muslim to learn the Arabic language in order to understand the Holy Quran. Join now to 7 days of free trial classes.


The Quran is the main source of guidance for Muslims, it is the duty of every Muslim to understand each and every instructions of God written in the Holy Quran. Due to the Arabic language barrier most of the Muslims are unable to understand the Arabic language.Therefor, this course is designed for those who want to learn the Quran in there on language or in English language so that they can easily understand the Quran.


This is the advanced course for those who are interested in Hadith. Our Instructors will make it easy for you to learn the actual meaning and translation for Hadith. We recommend this course to the adults so that they are aware from Islamic religion. Join now for the seven days of free Hadith Translation classes and decide wheter to take admission in this course or not.


No, we provide Quran services to both kids and adults.

Yes, the best thing in Iqra Online school is that you can select your own timetable based upon your feasibility.

Yes, we do have male and female staff. You can select whether male or female teacher for your kids.

We provide Quran services world wide. Most of our students are resided at US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Yes, We do provide 7 Days of free trial classes.

Yes, all of our Quran instructors are fluent in speaking English.

Yes, we teach Quran to individual student. One instructor for one student at a time in order to give him/her proper time.

We use skype or Zoom to teach Quran .

It depends upon your package and choice.

Our support team are available to entertain any queries of the parents.

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