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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

Dear Esteemed Parents / Students,

As partners in your child’s educational journey, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding regarding our policies and procedures at the Online Quran College LTD. In line with our commitment to ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all, we kindly request your attention to the following important matters:

The fees and payments are charged to maintain the online tutoring system and cover other costs including teachers’ and staff’s salaries, taxes, technical support, and other expenses.

If you register your Quran classes online at Online Quran College LTD or your child’s classes as a student, you will concur on the accompanying Terms of Service and Conditions:

1) You will be getting free trial classes at the start. After those trial classes, you’ll be required to decide whether you wish to continue classes at Online Quran College LTD or not. We provide one free trial session with native Arabic teachers and with no native teachers three free trial sessions.

2) Once you choose to proceed, you will pay the charge before the due date. The month-to-month expenses are paid ahead of time. The fee for the upcoming month will be paid in advance in the 1st week of the present month. Classes can be stopped (delayed) if you fail to clear the dues for the upcoming month without any information.

3) Online Quran College LTD maintains whatever authority is needed to stop the classes if the instalment is overdue for over 7 days with no reason.

4) If the student is missing any class because of an issue at his/her end, makeup classes will not be arranged.

5) If students miss any class without earlier notice (aside from any emergency), missing will be stamped and no makeup class will be arranged. Makeup classes can be arranged with a similar educator or another instructor upon accessibility at the required time.

6) If you need to drop a class quickly, or in case of emergency leave or any other leave you are required to inform only the Online Quran College LTD Support Team on our official WhatsApp, Email or Zoom account.

7) Learning Quran Academy maintains whatever authority is needed to drop the classes if any student stays missing for over fourteen days, without earlier notice and no refund will be offered, according to our Terms of Administration.

8) Never share your contact data like telephone number, Email, address, or Mastercard data with any educator. Online Quran College LTD won’t be considered responsible in case of any abuse.

9) Online Quran College LTD claims all authority to change instructors whenever, if necessary, for quality education purposes.

10) Online Quran College LTD can increase the fee if the fee is not sufficient to cover the cost of providing online tutoring.

11) Online Quran College LTD can expand the expense of each student as per the terms of administration with the proportion of around 5-10% of the present charge, each year towards the end of the year, according to the Gregorian calendar.

12) The Eid Holidays & other official holidays (if any) are paid leaves of the educators, and we have no different leaves in the years for the instructors except Eid. So, Eid Holidays are incorporated into the month-to-month charges and there are no makeup classes and no refunds for these occasions.

13) If you have to hold the classes and expect to proceed with the same instructor later on, at that point, Online Quran College LTD will charge the full expense per student for the reservation of the opening for you with that instructor. Leaves more than 5 days are considered as paid leaves from your side and there is no makeup for that. There are no make-up classes for over 5 days leaves as the instructor cannot deal with the makeup classes.

14) Confidentiality and Security:

We kindly ask that you refrain from discussing any issues regarding payment, class schedules, your child’s performance, or any personal information with their respective teachers. This is by our college rules and regulations aimed at maintaining the confidentiality and security of all parties involved.

15) Communication Channels:

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding the aforementioned matters, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated support team through our official support number and email address. Our team is readily available to assist you and address any queries you may have in a timely and efficient manner.

16) Respecting Boundaries:

While we understand the importance of fostering positive relationships between parents and teachers, we kindly ask for your cooperation in respecting the professional boundaries established within our institution. This ensures a focused and conducive learning environment for your child’s academic growth and development.

17) Gift Policy:

 Please note that, by our college policy, we do not allow parents to discuss or offer any type of gifts to our teachers. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this policy, as it helps maintain impartiality and professionalism within our educational community.

Refund Policy

We are fair and honest in our dealing with teaching the Quran, Tajweed, Islamic Study, other Courses, and the Arabic language. We have a 100% guaranteed refund policy if the student does not start online Quran classes. If we are not able to provide you with your agreed classes, then we can give you the option to take make classes. If these classes are not rescheduled then the fee is adjusted in the next month, or we can refund you. If you did fewer classes and you are not able to take classes, then we will adjust them in the next month.

Your fee includes the Eid holiday & other official holidays (if any). These holidays will be decided by the administration meeting.

1) Any fee payments made to Online Quran College LTD for online classes or courses are non-refundable because we already charge small fees and because refunding the fee takes time and resources and sometimes, we have to pay to reverse the payment.

2) The payment is also Non-Refundable in cases where the students or parents decide to opt out of the course in the middle of their price plan.

3) We are not obliged to arrange make-up or refund if the student/students resume after mainly months or years to ask for make-up classes or a refund.

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