Do I need wudu to read the Quran

 The Quran is our Holy book. This is revealed by ALLAH to our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW) .Whenever we touch to read or recite the Quran we should be in a purified state. Wudu or ablution is included in The rules of to, reading or reciting the Quran.

 This Ayat or verse describes the concept of ablution or wudu. 



“Most surely it is an honored Quran in a book that is protected which none shall touch but those who are purified” 


Wudu is a very important step to perform any worship. In Islam, when we perform any religious duty like offer prayers or reading Quran you must be in pure state or wudu.



 “cleanliness is the part of faith” 

Through wudu or ablution we are not only purified by spirituality but also by Physically. Islam is very easy and teaches us in every phase or step of life. Those who create some ambiguous issues in Islam are not well wishers of Islam. 

Some aspects about wudu or ablution are as follows… 


  • Touch the Quran without wudu.. 

        Whenever we touch the Quran for reciting or reading we should be in a purified state. Without wudu or ablution we can’t touch the Quran. “Indeed this is truly a Noble Quran in a register well protected non touch it except the purified”


  • Read the Quran without wudu.. 

                 In above we have mentioned that when you can’t touch without wudu or ablution then how can you read the Quran without wudu or ablution? So you must make wudu properly before reciting or reading the Quran.


  • Read the Quran on the phone or laptop..

        When the Quran is revealed there is no virtual or online system for reading the Quran. Now you can easily learn Quran online. No one has a phone, tablet or laptop. So that is why there are no clear instructions whether you can read the Quran on these gadgets. You must do wudu or ablution if you are not in wudu or ablution your tough is not in pure form. So you should go for wudu or ablution when you read the Quran on your phone or laptop. 

  • Read the Quran online without wudu..

         When you read the Quran by your Quran tutor or mentor there is no need of Quran in your hands this create a confusion because you can see the Quran on the screen But it doesn’t mean that you don’t perform wudu or ablution you must be in pure form while you are attending your online class. 


ABU Huraira (RA) reported that I hear from Prophet (PBUH) saying about perform ablution “on the day of Resurrection my followers will be called “Al Ghurr-ul-Muhajjulm” from the trace of ablution and whoever can increase the area of his residence should do so”

 (Sahih ul Bukhari 136) 


Wudu or ablution has many benefits in our daily life. If we perform wudu five times in a day that protects us from Many diseases and purifies us from microbes. Through wudu or ablution we are not just clean physically also it’s clean us spiritually.



 Our prophet (SAW) said to Anis (RA) “My son, make a complete ablution or wudu so that the honorable records(Kiraman Katibin) will like you and your life will be longer”

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