The Importance and Benefits of Surah Baqarah

Surah Baqarah is the longest surah of the Holy Quran. It has 286 verses, and 40 ruqu. It was revealed in medina. The word baqarah is derived from the Arabic word which means “the cow’’. By the way the whole Quran is valuable for all Muslim, but some surah are very special for reciting in different wazifa. 

Surah Baqarah protects us from shaitan and other evils.  Last two verses of this surah are very important. You should recite before going to your bed daily. These verses were revealed on the Miraj of the Holy Prophet (SAW). 

Benefits of Surah Baqarah:-

Surah baqarah has many benefits, some are as follows..

  • Protect from Evils
  • Belief on Allah
  • Recite for Hajaat
  • Rewards from Allah
  • Belief on all Prophets


Protect from Evils:-

           When you recite the surah baqarah Allah will protect you from evils and other giants. Different verses of this surah like Ayat ul Kursi also protect us from evils. You should recite this verse daily and also teach your children and tell them his benefits and miracles. Whenever you recite in difficult times you will see the magic of this surah. If you can’t recite on a daily basis because of his lengthiness, you must recite the last two verses. They will drive the giants or evils out of  your house.


Belief On Allah:-

            It would increase our faith in Allah. It teaches us that we should submit our all intentions to Allah who listens to us very carefully and has mercy on us. It tells us that we should tell Allah about all our problems. Indeed, He is the one who solves our problems.

  Recite the Hajat:-

                    We can recite this surah for our different hajat.  There are many benefits mentioned in Islamic books that we can take advantage of. Like surah baqarah recites for 41 days as a wazifa to drive out giants and evils from home or when you recite this surah on a daily basis you see its miracles. The Prophet (SAW) highlighted many verses which have its specific benefits like Ayat ul Kursi, last two ayat of this surah.

    Belief on all prophets:-

                This surah retells the stories of prophets like Hazrat Adam (AS), Hazarat Ibrahime (AS), Hazrat Musa (AS). All the prophets who came saw many difficulties and told them to follow the path prescribed by Allah. 

       Reward from Allah:-

                Even if you do small good deeds, Allah will reward you for it. He does not waste any of your good deeds. Recite Surah Baqarah daily or when your heart desires, Allah will give you its best prayer. 


Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood reported that;

“Whoever recites ten Ayat  in a night, then Shaitan will not enter his house that night. (These ten Ayat are) four from the beginning, then the following two ayat (256-257) (Ayat ul Kursi),  and the last three ayat”

There are a number of Ayat and short surah who protect us from evils,giants, Blackmagic, evil eyes and other harmful things. So we should recite the Quran and those specific verses and surahs that protect us from harm.

Nowadays online system exist everywhere. You can learn Quran online and also learn and recite different surah with meanings from any website.

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