How can a busy person study Quran regularly:

Life is becoming busy now day by day. People cannot manage time for many things, for family, for friends and the prayers are also included. Recitation of the Quran is very necessary on daily basis and it will improve the mental health of the person. There are many benefits of reciting the Quran daily. 

With the evaluation of new technology now it become much easy to learn Quran online and recite it regularly. So, here are some ways a busy person can recite Quran regularly:

  • Make a Schedule:

  • After prayers:

  • Recite In Salah:

  • Wake Up Early:

Make a Schedule:

It will be best if someone makes a schedule of daily routine. In this schedule, a person should set his free time for prayers and reciting Quran. All the work listed in this and then have to follow it regularly so that they can manage time.

 Schedule in life is also important for other works. Muslims must manage their time for their prayers. Quran can recite online in this free time.

After prayers:

Muslims should take a break of 5 to ten minutes after prayers in which they recite the Quran. Either it can be a verse, a Ruku, or a page. How many they can recite. It will make habit of reciting the Quran regularly.

Recite In Salah:

Quran Majeed can be recited in salah, either an ayah or some verses but in every prayer, Muslims can recite it. It will make Quran recitation on the daily basis almost five times which will also lead the Muslim to Jannat.

Wake Up Early:

Make a routine of waking up early in the morning before the Fajr prayer so that one should have time for reciting the Quran. Reciting Quran after Fajr also have many benefits so it will be better to wake up early and offer the prayer and then recite the Quran.


Quran recitation on the daily basis will increase the memory of Muslims and person will stay active the whole day.


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