Easy way to learn to read Quran:


Quran Majeed was revealed in the Arabic language about 1400 years ago.  Different word and ascent of Arabic have changed from then but Quran is still in that language without a different single word. For non-Arabs and different Arabic countries, it is hard to read Quran easily and memorize it. There are many ways through which Quran can learn to recite easily. 

“If we had sent down this Qur’an upon a mountain, you would have seen it humbled and split asunder from fear of Allah”.

Surah al-Hashr 59:21

  • Learn Arabic:

Seeking Arabic is the one of most important ways to read the Quran. Seeking Arabic does not mean having a complete influence on the language but learning the basics of Arabic like; pronunciation, accent, and other ways of pronunciation. With the increase in fluency in the Arabic language, the reciting Quran will be easy.

  • Through Applications and websites:

Arabic can be learned through different social apps and websites. There are different sources from which Arabic can be easily learned and YouTube channels on which lectures are given for learning different languages. This learning will better recite of Quran.

  • Through ACADEMIES:

 The Internet has made the world a global village. There are many online academies which are providing the services of teaching and reciting the Quran. These academies are paid and also free if one wants to learn the recitation properly they can consider these academies. 


Our academy Iqra Online School is also providing the facility to learn Quran Online. You can learn from your home by having strong internet connections. We are also giving a free trial of seven days.

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