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How can you start teaching the Quran to your Children?

How can you initiate Quran teaching for your children?

Quran is the most important book of Muslims which was revealed on the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It is the utmost duty of every Muslim to learn Quran at a very early age of his life. Parents should start teaching Quran to their children in childhood. So, they can know the real essence of Islam and spend their whole life according to the Islamic rules.
There are many ways through which the Quran can be taught to children some of them are:

Recite Quran in Front of Children:

First of all, you are in front of your children and you are the only example. Read the Qur’an in front of your children daily and try to make them sit with you and recite it.

Recite Quran Loudly:

Whenever you read the Qur’an, read it aloud so that your children can hear it. This will make interest the children to teach the Quran.

Tell The Benefits:

In order to increase the interest of children, you should tell the children about the benefits of reading the Qur’an and tell them the stories of the prophets in the Quran so that they become interested in reciting the Quran.

Introduce Them Quranic Stories:

When you go to bed every night, tell them about any surah so that they will remember the story of each surah. Or Tell them the Waqiat and make the interest them in learning Quran.

Tell about Rewards:

Tell your children how much Allah will reward them if they learn and read the Qur’an. Acknowledge them how much we will be rewarded if we learn and teach the Qur’an.

Make interest by acknowledging them Blessings:

By telling the Qur’an how many blessings Allah will bestow upon us, your child will be interested in reading the Qur’an from the heart.

Through Online Channels:

Different online channels have been introduced nowadays that teach Quran Online. Different interesting methods are used in these online classes and children will also enjoy these while using the laptop, computers, and other interesting devices.

Iqra Online School is also providing the best teachers including males and females to teach your children Quran. Learn Quran Online with us and feel the real essence of Islam.

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