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How to learn Quran by Heart?

Learn Quran by Heart

The word Quran is derived from Arabic which means “to read” or “to recite”.Quran is revealed by angel “Gibriel” to our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW) in a cave “Ghar e Hira”. If we
recite Quran daily it’s very beneficial for us in life and after life of death. If you are Muslim then you must learn the Quran by heart. Hadith Umar Ibn ul Khitab (RA) reported that the prophet said..
“Indeed ALLAH raises through this book same people and lowers others”
There are a lot of tips to learn Quran by heart here are some tips given below..
 Trust on yourself..
If u have believe or trust on yourself then you can easily learn the Quran.
Follow our Holy Prophet sunnah..
Muslim should follow the sunnah of our Holy prophet (SAW) about recitation of Quran that how he recite the Quran daily and what he say about how to learn Quran by heart.
Read Aya..
If u want to learn Quran by heart then u should Read verses or Aya daily 40 to 50
times. Repeat one surah or some verses and remind them on daily bases you can easily learn Quran.

 Start Quran from early age..
Muslim should start Quran from early age of his life. If you learn Quran from early
age you will see the improvement in learning the Quran and memorizing it easily.
 Must learn with Tajweed..
In this you need to learn the grammar of Arabic language. If you learn grammar of Arabic you can easily recite the Quran beautifully and accurately.

                                                  learn quran by heart
Choose the best timing..
In this step you must choose the best timing to recite the Holy Quran.
Reading Tafseer of verses..
If you want to learn Quran by heart you must know the Tafseer of All verses. This will help you in learning the Quran easily.
Recite in prayer..
During prayer you should recite different Surah, s of Quran in your prayer daily.
Hadith.. parents honored due to child, s relationship with Quran..
“we will unite those who believed with their offspring who Followed them in
faith” Quran is a biggest gift from ALLAH for all Muslims. If you recite daily you are going closer with ALLAH and he making your heart pure. Hadith.. Abu Dharal Gifari (RA) reported that the prophet said.. “You will not come back to Allah with anything better than that which came from him” I-E the Quran.

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