How to learn proper pronunciation to recite the Quran


As Muslims, it is our responsibility that we should learn the Quran with the proper pronunciation of the alphabet. We should recite the Quran in the right and proper way which is recommended by our Holy Prophet (SAW). when we read the alphabets of the Quran with proper pronunciation it makes the sense of each aya or verse. When we read the alphabet in the wrong way it makes the wrong sense of aya or verse.

Two paramount steps for pronunciation:-

  • Mekharaj
  • Sifatt  



           The area of the mouth from where we pronounce the Arabic words is called makharaj. It is the base of tajweed. If we pronounce the words with proper pronunciation we can easily learn the tajweed.


           It is more of a demonstration of letters when articulated from the articulation point.


For proper pronunciation, we should take a tajweed course. From that tajweed course, we can learn the Quran easily. Tajweed is very important to learning the Quran. In the tajweed course, you will learn the basic rules of tajweed and how you can pronounce the Arabic alphabets with makharaj and sifaat.


Iqra online school designed the Tajweed course for those who are not even learning the Quran properly. Through this course, you can learn the Quran in the right and proper way.

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