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How learning online Quran is advantageous

Online Quran learning

The Quran is our Holy book so it is our main responsibility that we should recite the Quran daily and also teach the Quran to our children. It is our faith and also fard that we should follow all the rules  of Allah (SWT) and sunnah of his prophet (SAW). Allah SWT told us in the Quran everything about Islam and also shown us the right and wrong path by which we can go to heaven or hell. So it is our basic education we should learn and teach to our children also. Nowadays virtual or online systems exist everywhere in the world. We can easily learn Quran online from different academies and channels.

Some advantages of learning online Quran are as follows:-

  • Learn from home
  • Flexible timings
  • Easy to access
  • Select best tutor
  • Free trials
  • Pocket friendly 
  • Learn other Islamic education
  • Safe and convenient 

Learn from Home:-

The main and best advantage of online learning the  Quran is that we can easily learn the Quran from home. We don’t have to go anywhere. Most working parents have no time to send their children to a mosque or madrasa from where they learn the Quran so they easily learn them online.

                                                         learn quran online

Flexible Timings:-

We can easily choose the time that is suitable for us. Online academies are available for 24 hours. We can take class in one to one session.

Easy to Access:-

Nowadays internet connections are available at every home. So we can easily access the different Quran websites or Iqra online school from where we can learn Quran online and also teach it to our kids.

  Free Trials:-

Most online academies offer free trials for three or seven days. Iqra online school also offers seven days free trial to their students. People are aware of how they learn the Quran online and give time to students. After taking the free trial when students are satisfied then he will become a regular student and continue his learning.


Select Best Tutor:-

We can easily select the best tutor after taking a free trial. Many academies offer free trials to give people a chance to learn and make easy choices. Students also have an option that they can easily select their tutor.


Pocket friendly:-

We can easily take classes without going anywhere. So this would save our money on transportation. We just pay our monthly fee and learn the Quran at home easily.


Learn other Islamic Education:-

We can easily learn other Islamic education and different courses from home  like, Tajweed course, Tafseer of Quran, Memorization of Quran, Hadith translation,  Nazra tul Quran, Islamic Duas, Kamas,  etc.


   Safe and Convenient:-

It is a safe and convenient method of learning the Quran. If you feel insecure to send your child anywhere for learning then you should try this method of learning the Quran at home in front of your eyes.

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