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Basic Alphabet Book To Learn Quran Effectively

Learn Quran Effectively with our Basic Alphabet Book

We at online quran college are providing the Basic Alphabet book for the proper recitation of the Holy Quran. The person who wants to recite the Quran from basics like basic rules, pronunciations, movements, and others.   This basic alphabet book contains 

  • Understanding of Arabic alphabet
  • Pronunciation of words
  • Understanding on different shapes of the Arabic word  
  • Recognize movements (fatha, kasra, duma)
  • Combination of word
  • Basic rules for reading
  • Basic tajweed rules 
  • Understanding of Arabic alphabets:

The basic Arabic alphabet contains 28 letters. In this course, we are providing basic contextual forms.  The writing of the rabic letters in the middle, final, and initials. It is a very basic understanding of the language.

  • Pronunciation of words:

.  The Arabic phonology is different due to dialects in the language. Different modern standards are introduced in Arabic now. So, the Quranic Arabic pronunciation must be learned. Basic Alphabet Book contains the pronunciation of words.

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  • Understanding of different shapes of the Arabic word: 

There are different shapes of every Arabic letter which have to write and pronounce according to it. These shapes are called Medial, Initia, S.alone, and others. In our Basic alphabet book, we teach briefly about these shapes.

  • Recognize movements (Fatha, Kasrah, Dumma):

During the pronunciation of the Arabic language, the movements are the most important things the learner has to focus on. These movements can be Tanween( double Fatha, double Kasrah,  and double Dumma ). In this course, we are providing this basic movement recognition of Arabic alphabets.

  • Combination of the word:

In combination with the word, we are offering the forming of words from the letters. How different Arabic letters combine and form an Arabic word. We have highly qualified Islamic tutors who are teaching these valuable lessons for the proper recitation of the Holy Quran.

  • Basic rules for reciting:

The basic rules include mainly the stop, pause, and continuous signs in the Quran. These are brief signs which are used during the recitation like the long pause, little stop, and continue with the previous. So, these basic rules must be in the mind when reciting Quran.

  • Basic Tajweed rules: 

Tajweed means how to better or how to improve. Tajweed is the way to better the recitation of the Quran. In this course, we are providing the basic rules of Tajweed so during the learning pupil can concentrate and recite correctly.

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