Sin During Ramadan

Ramadan is our holy month. The month of blessings. The number of Ramadan is nine in, Islamic calendar. It is not just a month of fasting, it also heals us spiritually. Fasting is fard on every Muslim if anyone does not believe on it he is not a Muslim and one who without a valid excuse does not fast in a day of Ramadan is a sinner. Allah (SWT) created us for his worship And want follows all the objectives that he is described in Quran. We should recite Quran in daily routine. We can learn Quran online.

 “And I did not create jinn and human beings except that they should worship me”[In Quran] 

Some of sins we people do, in, Ramadan that is not just harm us by, spiritually also increase our sins day by day so some don’ts are as follows


  • Don’t tell a lie 
  • Don’t Gheebah or backbiting
  • Don’t quarrel with anyone
  • Don’t eat any unlawful things 
  • Don’t earns any unlawful means
  • Don’t hurt anyone
  • Don’t burdening on servants or employees 


  • Don’t tell a lie:-

Ramadan is the month of purification. Don’t lie with anyone.


 “Jabir Ibn Abdullah (RA) said: whenever you fast, your ears, eyes And tongue should fast from telling lies and from forbidden matters. You should avoid harming your neighbors and keep starkness and dignity while you are fasting. Don’t make the day of your fasting similar to the day when you are not fasting” 

So whenever you lie in fasting you should seek forgiveness from Allah that what you did don’t do it again.

  • Don’t Gheebah or backbiting: 

Gheebah or backbiting means when you speak something in the absence of a person that he would not spread this in front of anyone.


“Nor backbite one another, would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You Would abhor it”[In Quran]

Backbiting is the Very massive sin Allah told in the Quran. It is not good habit for a Muslim that he spread any rumors or engage in, backbiting of any other person.

  • Don’t quarrel with anyone:

Ramadan is a month which gives us a lesson about patience and tolerance.


 “The prophet (SAW) said, fasting is a shield when one of you is fasting, he should not behave in an Indelicate manner. If a man abuses him, he should say “I am fasting, I am fasting” 

Quarreling with each other leaves a bad impact on your surroundings. so be tolerant for everyone.

  • Don’t eat any unlawful things:

It is illegal in Ramadan to eat or drink anything during fasting while you have not any valid reason. Ramadan is the blessed month for all Muslims. If you are ill and fasting harm you then you don’t fasting but don’t eat any, unlawful things that are forbidden for us in Islam, like alcohol, meat of any haram or unlawful, animals etc.

  • Don’t earn any unlawful means:

Earning from, any unlawful source is haram in, Islam but in Ramadan the sin is double as like virtues. So Don’t earn from any haram or unlawful source of income. Islam forbid us from all of these sources.

  •  Don’t hurt anyone:

Hurting someone is a very bad habit. Islam teach us we Should Speak in a good way with anyone.


 “No fatigue, nor disease, nor sorrow, nor sadness, nor hurt, nor distress befalls a Muslim, even a prick from thorn, except Allah forgives his sins for it”

Don’t hurt someone specially in Ramadan that he cries because of you. Show love and respect for Everyone. Be kind to everyone, don’t humiliate Anyone because he is also a creature of Allah.

  • Don’t burden servants or employees:

ALLAH gives a very beautiful and peaceful religion To all Muslims. Islam has discussed every relation and a way to, treat other people in a kind manner. Our employees or servants help us every time so it’s our responsibility that we should treat them in a polite and kind way.

The perfect example of this relation, is our holy prophet (SAW) and Anas (RA) Muhammad would never talk to Anas (RA) in, a harsh or bad tone and would never lay a hand on him. Don’t overburden them because they are also the creation of Allah. If they help you in your different chores they also want kind behavior and respect from you, not just his salary.



 “The prophet (SAW) said; He who is not merciful to others will not be treated mercifully’’

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