Online Quran Academy

Online Quran academies teach Quran all over the world. They serve this noble education very passionately. Muslims can easily learn the Quran from home through Skype at any device and location. They also learn different Islamic courses through these academies. Online Quran academies facilitate that you can learn the Quran from home and you don’t need to go outside of the home. You just need a mobile /tablet/laptop/PC with good internet connection. Download Skype or zoom on these devices, now you are ready to learn  Quran online. Iqra online schools also provide their best services to, all over the world. They would provide you with the best tutors wherever they are around the globe. Iqra online school charges an affordable fee and provides competent tutors. They give their best services to their learners or students. Iqra online school sets flexible timing according to your schedule. They are available 24/7 hours. 


Iqra online school designed different courses for you which are as follows: 

  • Noorani Qaida qc
  • Quran Nazra 
  • Hifz ul Quran
  • Arabic Language
  • Quran Translation 
  • Hadith Translation 


  • Noorani Qaida:-

            Noorani Qaida is the basic course of the Quran. In Qaida you will learn the basic alphabets of Arabic. It is a very simple booklet. Through this you can recognize the alphabets of Arabic, its pronunciations, etc. 

  • Quran Nazra:- 

           When you learn the noorani Qaida perfectly now you can move to the next course that is Quran Nazra. In Quran Nazra you will learn to read the Quran by tor jor and read the whole verse. The rhythm of a child for reading or reciting the Quran increased gradually.


  •  Hifz ul Quran:- 

          When you complete your Quran Nazra now you will be able to memorize or Hifz the Quran. The person who memorized the Quran by heart, called Hafiz e Quran. Allah SWT will give to him great reward on the day of judgment. 

Hadith: “Prophet (SAW) said that; The most Honorable people are those from his Ummah who memorized the Quran” 

It is greatly honored for those who memorize the Quran and also for their parents who helped them to memorize the Quran.

  •    Arabic language:- 

              Iqra online school also designed an Arabic language course for   you people. The Arabic language is very tough and takes a long time to learn because in Arabic every single word has different meanings. But Iqra online school teaches you in a very simple and easy way you will learn in a short time.

  • Quran Translation:-

   Quran translation is very important for us. Because most of the people don’t know about Arabic language so they don’t know the exact meanings of Quran verses. If you recite the Quran but you did not know the meaning or translation of verses it will not give you any advantage of reciting. So you should learn the Quran translation course which is very helpful to understand the meanings of verses. 

  • Hadith Translation:

     Hadith means what Muhammad (SAW) Said and did(sunnah). In hadith course you will be learn the hadith translation means what are saying by Muhammad (SAW) in these hadiths. It is very interesting course for those who want to know about In the depth knowledge of Islam.

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