Online Qari for Quran:

Quran learning is the basic purpose of every Muslim and it started from the very early years of life. People who don’t have complete knowledge of the Quran, usually consider the Qari (experts of the Quran). The Qari can be found in the mosques and different Islamic madras but it is sometimes hard to find the Qari near the house. In non-Muslim countries, there are fewer mosques and many times far away from home. So, it is difficult to send the children to them.

Advancement of technology:

Now with the advancement of technology, it becomes easy to find an online Qari for the Quran services. Different applications and websites are giving the facility of Qari through already recorded videos but in these videos, one cannot ask questions or clear doubts.

To handle these conditions there are online academies in which Muslims can Learn Quran Online. These academies are like schools, a proper teacher is given to you for this purpose. These online academies are providing the experts’ Qari who taught the Quran with proper Grammar and Rules. Tajweed and recitation facilities are also provided.

About Us:

Iqra Online School is also providing you the facility of Online Qari to Learn the Quran Online. Our services are also affordable and we are giving free trials before the classes to satisfy students.

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