Learn Tajweed Online 




    Tajweed is an Arabic word. It is used in the context of Quran recitation.


      “ Tajweed means the set of rules use for pronunciation of Arabic alphabets and applying the different methods of recitation” 

Tajweed is very important to learning the Quran. It is very important that you should recite the Quran in the correct way. If you made any mistake when you recited the Quran it’s a big sin because the Quran is our Holy Book that is revealed by Allah (SWT) to our last holy prophet (SAW). It is our responsibility and Fard that we should recite the Quran in a right and proper way. In tajweed, you can learn the basic rules of the Quran and how you recite the Quran in the proper way. 

Nowadays time is changing and the world has become digital. We learn the Quran in many ways online. Different academies and a huge number of channels provide massive Islamic courses. Iqra online school also provides its services all over the world at an affordable fee. They have competent tutors who teach you very passionately and wholeheartedly. 

In the Tajweed course,  you can learn.

  • Meem Sakin
  • Noon Gunnah
  • Makharij al Huroof
  • Sign of stopping(waqf)
  • Noon sakin
  • Full mouth letters(Qalqalah)
  • Alphabets explained


These all are rules of Tajweed which you can learn in this course and will be able to recite the Quran in the proper and right way which is recommended by our holy prophet (SAW).

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