How to learn reading Quran

Quran is the holy book of Muslims which has main importance in
religion Islam. Learning Quran is very worthy act because it covers all
aspects of life. Holy Quran is in Arabic language which is difficult for
non-Arabs to read and understand it accurately. Especially for the new
Muslims, reading Quran is a difficult task. But the Holy Quran is main
basic of the Islam. So, one should learn how to read Quran in correct
A single mistake can change the meaning of word or whole verse. The
pronunciations of words are although difficult but by practicing and
reciting Quran again and again it can be improve.
Many people always want to learn Arabic and the major problem is
trying to figure out the Arabic layers and trying to put them together.
There are different ways through which Quran can be read effectively
and easily. But there is also internal intention which matters the most in
learning reading of Quran. There must be pure intentions to read
Quran such that not for just formality but to understand and follow it in
real life.
As the holy Quran is the key to success because learning Quran will
lead to success of both in world and on the Day of Judgment. Without
the seeking support of Allah one cannot be able to learn reading Quran
because the soul support is from Allah and indeed without his
permission one cannot learn Quran.
There are many ways through which one can learn how to read Quran,
few of them are:
 Learn Basics:
To learn reading Quran, it is most important to learn the basics of Holy
Quran such that the Arabic language in which it is. Learning the basics
of Arabic is main method. The basics pronunciation will help to read
the Quran easily and accurately.
 Learn From Experts:
Learning Quran from experts is much important because only an
expert can recite the Quran in correct way. These experts can be
found locally in different mosques or Islamic schools or there are many
online websites and application on which experts can be found easily.
Experts can teach reading Quran by exploring every verse of Quran
openly and translate it better.
 Learning Rules from Professional Teachers:
There are different rules like Tajweed, pronunciation, Qirat and
grammar to read the Quran. These rules can only be taught from the
professional teachers, those who recite Quran daily basis. Learning
rules are very important for reading the Quran accurately. These rules
will make the reading, recitation of Holy Quran easy.
 Listen and Practice Daily:
Listening the Quran on the daily basis either a verse, few words or a
page from online way such as through websites, applications, by taking
online classes or can be listen by recording will improve the ability to
read Quran. But it’s just not listening practicing the holy Quran by
reciting and repeating verses on daily basis again and again will
improve the reading skills. These practices must be on the daily basis.
 Understand the Meaning of Ayah:
Although the ayah or verses of Quran can be translated into almost
every language but the meanings of verses are very deep. Only
through translation one cannot understand the idea or concept which is
given in the Holy book. It is important for one to understand the
meaning of verses so that holy Quran can be read with pure heart by
deep understandings.
Although due to in Arabic language learning to read Quran is difficult.
But these are few methods through which Quran can be easily read.
One who will follow these methods will seek reading of Quran easily
either Arab o non Arab

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