How to learn Quran

As a Muslim it is very important for us that we should learn Quran. Do you know the most
common question among Muslims in the world is? How to learn Quran. The reading of Quran is
very important for all Muslims. That’s why Muslims wants to learn to read the Quran.
The language of Quran is Arabic so, it’s very difficult for all Muslims. People outside from the
Arab can’t read the Quran in a proper way. Even many people die without learning Quran But
don’t worry now the time is change You can learn the Quran from Internet even from your home
through smartphone.
Here I am sharing some short steps these steps will help you How to learn the Quran..
 Learn the basics..
In the first step you should learn the basics of Arabic. It’s characters how Arabic
characters looks like. How they look in separated and non separated , then words and
short sentence after that the long sentences.
 Quran Recitation..
When you are able to learn the words and sentences of the Arabic after that you can
learn to recite the Quran. You should Recite the Quran in a way which is recommended
by our Prophet (SAW).
 Learn Rules of Tajweed..
You may think that where is grammar in Quran learning. In this step you need to
learn the grammar of Arabic language. If you learn grammar of Arabic you can easily
recite the Quran beautifully and accurately.
 Memorizing Quran..
After learning previous steps now you can memorize the Quran easily. Memorizing
of Quran is very is very beneficial for us. You will get benefit from it in this life and after
death also. After complete the Quran you will be called Hafiz e Quran.
Above all of these steps you can learn Quran in a proper and accurate way.
Now I tell you some ways how to learn Quran now a days. Digital learning facilitate us
easily to learn Quran from home. Some ways are given below..
 Through smartphone..
Through smartphone you can easily learn Quran at home. In smartphone you can
listen the different surah, s at youtube channel. You can found huge number of channel
which facilitate the people in learning the Quran.
 Online Academy..
Now a days it’s very common the trend of online academies which provide the
learning of Quran at home. For example iqra online academy also gives their services in
pakistan and outside from pakistan also .
How to learn Quran fast..
Learning Quran takes time. Time is precious, so the solution is to makes the learning
process by itself. Now I am going to tell you five tips to learn the Quran faster.
 Clear your mind…
When ever you taking your online class first clear your mind from any stress or
unwanted thoughts and keep all your focus towards your goal(learning the Quran)
 Prepare the learning environment..
When your mind is clear then you should find the place where you feel comfort and sit
quiet place while take your class. Also make sure the connection of your device(like
smartphone or laptop) . Is this work properly or not.
 Take notes with pen and paper..
During the session you should keep pen and paper along with you. Using pen and
paper will help you learn and comprehend better.
 Engage with your teacher and ask questions..
You should engage with your teacher and ask questions during session. It is very
important for meaningful learning listen your teacher and ask all questions and inquires
you have in mind to better understand your lesson.
 Learn through short burst of time..
It has been proven that learning through short sessions is much better than longer
sessions. The ideal single session duration is 30 to 60 minutes. In other words 30 minutes
is minimum time to get a proper amount of knowledge and save it into memory.
More then 60 minutes is considered too much information for your brain can take one
The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said..
“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn Quran and teach it”
Sahih ul Bukhari 5027

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