How to learn Arabic Quran Words



 As Muslims Quran is very important in our life. When we learn the Quran we must understand the words of the Quran. The words of the Quran are in Arabic and if we want to learn the Arabic language it’s very hard and takes a long time because in Arabic every single word has a different meaning.

 Arabic words have three types. 


  • Nouns

  • ( it includes gender, number, case ending, and definitions)
  • Verbs

  • (it includes in all their forms past, present, and future commands)
  • Particles

  • (it includes most English propositions)


 For example,

the word “lion” has 300 synonyms.

 Other words like ضرب if there is “Zabar” on it then the meaning is different from when there is “pesh” on it. So it means if we pronounce the words the wrong way then we make mistakes and it’s a serious sin that we change the meaning of words. So first we should learn the alphabet of Arabic through Noorani Qaida which is very helpful for us to learn the basic words and grammar of Arabic. We should know about the rules and pronunciations of words like ش ض ب ح خ Etc.


  •  Nowadays there are virtual systems or online systems where we can easily learn the basics of the Quran and learn the Quran, with Tajweed also. Many apps and channels are available where we can learn the Arabic words easily but if you want to learn the Quran you must give at least 20 to 30 minutes. You should make a schedule or routine in your daily life for learning the Quran words. It is not important for you to learn the Quran at a specific age, you can learn the Quran, at any age and think out of your life. Because it’s our religious duty and it is our Holy Book.


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