How to Learn Arabic for Quran

Quran Majeed is the last book of Allah Almighty, which was revealed almost 1400
years ago on prophet Muhammad (SAW). This book was revealed in Arabic language
and now translated in almost every language. As mentioned in Holy Quran itself:

“Indeed, we have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an that you might understand.”
It does not matter in which language Quran Majeed is; it is still an amazing book.
But the reading of Quran in Arabic is must. That is why Quranic Arabic must have to
learn. Now a day Quran is also learning through online as well as manual way. There
are rhyming words, short versus having powerful meanings which one experience
during reading and to understand it there must be knowledge of Arabic language.
Quranic Arabic is still almost same as the modern Arabic because like other
language the words of Arabic not changed too much. There are just few new words
which are added in the modern context of Arabic .A person who advance his Arabic
will see the more beauty of Quran. There are also different synonyms of one word in
Arabic language. If you cannot find a local person you can also search it and learn
Quran online.
Arabic language also includes the varied exhaustiveness of all the main languages. It
represents the human feelings, thoughts, feelings and emotions perfectly. The
choosing of word for each line is in perfect pattern which make it more beautiful
during reading.
So, what exactly is the best way to learn Arabic? Following are tips to improve
learning experience of Arabic language:
Learn the Tajweed:
Tajweed means to recite the Quran nicely according to Makharij and Sifaat and
rules. These rules are made so that Muslim can recite the Quran in the way Prophet
Muhammad (SAW) recited. Tajweed is much important in the learning of Quranic
Arabic. Tajweed teaches that how to recite the Quran in a tone and how to
pronounce the each and every word of the Quran.
One can learn this method of Quran online. As the Holy book has its own ascent
such as Arabic ascent, the people who are non Arabs cannot recite Quran according
to Arabic ascent that’s why it becomes difficult to learn Arabic. So to seek the
Quranic Arabic tajweed is important to learn.
To Study Basic Grammar:
Grammar is the backbone of any language and when it comes to Quran it cannot be
ignore. Grammar help to understand any book so in the same way it helps to
understand Quran. Arabic grammar is very straight forward and much logical. If one
can understand the grammar rules of Arabic it will be easy to understand the Arabic
and learn Arabic will not be more complex but one has to take this step seriously.
Basic grammar of Quran can be learning online. Grammar improvement will start
understanding of meanings.
Study Arabic to Native Language:
The best way of learning any language is to translate its meaning into the native
language so the learning will become easy. For the learning of Quranic Arabic it is
not necessary to learn the daily routine Arabic word like asking for foods, or any
kind of directions.
There are just 300 words which make the 70% of the Quran verses because the
vocabulary is much repeated in the Quran Majeed. So learning those 300 words will
make you learn Quranic Arabic easily and it will not take much time for that. There
are many websites which are offering Holy Quran to learn online. If you will follow
these rules strictly and practice it , you will understand the Quran in little time.

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