Cleanliness and Purity in Quran and Hadith



Purification for prayers:-

Cleanliness is very important for prayer because we stand before Allah in prayer. Allah likes to wear clean clothes and perform ablutions in a good way.


“Mus’ab b. Sa’d reported:’He said: I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) say: Neither the prayer is accepted without purification nor is charity accepted out of the ill-gotten (wealth), and thou art the (governor) of Basra.”


Clean your surroundings:-

You should also clean your surroundings. If you just clean yourself and your home but your surroundings are dirty it creates many health issues for you. You should clean yourself, your home, your neighborhood, your roads, your plants, your parks, the ocean, rivers, etc. In Islam, and as a Muslim you must respect  Allah,s creations and keep your environment neat and clean.

Clean yourself:-

You should clean yourself daily. Take bath, cut your nails, do ablution before each prayer, wash your hands before taking a meal, put on neat and clean clothes, and make sure to clean yourself and your clothes carefully when using the toilet. Body cleansing not only makes you feel physically clean but also mentally and spiritually calm.


 “Cleanliness is  half of  the faith”

Necessary For your Health:-

Cleanliness is very necessary for your health. If you just clean yourself and don’t clean your surroundings like home, your neighborhood, etc it creates different diseases which affect your health.

“Allah loves those who clean themselves”

         [In Quran]

In another verse Allah says

“Clean your garments”

So you can see how much Allah has emphasized in the Qur’an to take care of cleanliness. You can never be healthy unless you take care of your hygiene. So you should take care of yourself and your surroundings too which is necessary for your health and also for others.

Clean your mind:-

       Whenever you keep yourself clean you will see how fresh you will be mental. You will stay positive, your attitude will be good with everyone. When you will think well, which will have a great effect on your mental health.

“You are the best community that has been raised up for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.”    

[In Quran]

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