5 important Quran Learning steps for Beginners

As we know that the Quran is our holy book so  Learning and teaching the Quran is a noble work. As a Muslim we should learn and teach the Quran to our children. The Quran is in the Arabic language so it is difficult for us to learn the Quran directly. Nowadays we can easily learn Quran online. In order to learn the Qur’an and recognize its words, we must first learn the rules of Noorani Qaida. The Qur’an teaches us to walk on the straight path and tells us how we can go to paradise by following the ways prescribed by Allah.

                 5 important Quran learning steps for beginners are as follows:-

  • Learn Noorani Qaida
  • Recognize and understand the alphabets
  • Improve pronunciation of alphabets
  • Daily Practice
  • Choose the suitable timing

  Learn Noorani Qaida:-

          Noorani Qaida is the basic step of Quran learning. In Noorani Qaida you will learn the Arabic alphabets and their pronunciation. You will learn how to pronounce the different alphabets, their makharij and sifaat etc. If you don’t learn the Noorani Qaida you also can’t learn the Quran in the proper right way. So you should learn noorani first before learning the Quran. You can easily learn Quran online from home through any website. You don’t have to go anywhere.

        Recognize and understand the Alphabets:-

                In Noorani Qaida you will recognize and understand the alphabets and their sounds. It is a very important step of learning the Quran. Without recognizing the Arabic alphabets you can not recite or read the Quran.


Improve pronunciation of Alphabets:-

            Pronunciation of each alphabet is very important and necessary for learning the Quran. Each alphabet has its own sound and also has its own meanings. So we should learn each alphabet with their sounds, makharij and proper pronunciations.

           Daily practice:-

          Reading any lesson daily and repeating it will get you into it. If you revise daily your lesson you will see that you learn the Quran quickly. If you want to improve your Quran recitation then you should revise your lesson at least 10 to 20 minutes daily. There is no doubt about it that “practice makes a man perfect”  so you should recite daily for the perfection of your learning.


Choose the suitable timing:-

             You should choose the right time for you to read the lessons easily. The time after Fajar prayers is the best time to memorize any lesson. Take some time in the morning and some time in the evening in which you can read easily. After setting the time now you can choose the lesson that you have learned daily.


    “The best among you (as a Muslim) who learn and teach the Quran”

[Sahi ul Bukhari]

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