5 Health Benefits of Reciting Holy Quran:

Quran Majeed is the last book of Allah which was revealed by the last Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).

 Learning Quran is the utmost duty of all Muslims. Where the Quran tells the Muslim to spend life there also have many health benefits like mentally, physically, and soul benefits.

Abdullah Ibn Masud Said that he heard the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) say:

  “There are two cures for you all; Honey and Quran”

From many Quran benefits, here are a few of the health benefits of reciting the Quran are as follows:

Mental Exercise:

Reciting the Quran always impacts positively on the human mind. Regular recitation of the Quran is a great mental exercise. Reading is always considered a mental health exercise because it gives peace and increases the person’s memory health.


Nowadays, people have many tensions and high bold pressure issues which are causing death. This disease is known as hypertension. Reciting the Quran on daily basis helps the person to resist hypertension diseases and can create balance and stability in the body.

Increase Memory:

A better memory is very important in everyone’s lives. The brain needs relaxation for better memory. Reading and memorizing Quran keeps the mind relax and helps to increase memory. 

Spiritual Healer:

The Holy Quran is considered the spiritual healer against major diseases and also heals health problems. Holy Quran is the cure for all diseases, no doubt if those are hidden or shown to people. Quran can be daily recited either at home as well as learned Quran Online.

Anxiety and Depression:

In today’s time, most deaths are occurred due to depression and anxiety. People are busy in their life and they have no time to share their problems.  Reciting Quran softly and with translation helps to remove negative emotions and reduce depression.


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